Gusti Puti Surya Govinda won Silver Medal on 50th IPhO 2019

On his third international physics olympiad of this year, Gusti Surya Putu Govinda added his

Shafa Wins 4 Medals in Japan

Shafa Annisa Rahmadani Arianata, year 10 student at Kesatuan Bangsa Bilingual Boarding School, has once again put

KBS Students Win 7 Medals at National Science Olympics 2019

On 5 July 2019 students from Kesatuan Bangsa Senior High School succeeded

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KBS Students got Eight medals at the Genius Olympiad 2019

The representative team of Kesatuan Bangsa High School students won eight medals at the

The 3rd European Physics Olympiad (EuPhO) 2019

The best of Eid Al Fitr gift was given by a student of SMA Kesatuan Bangsa who joined

Another International Achievement from KBS Student

A student of SMA Kesatuan Bangsa joined Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team. This

The Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team

The Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) will bring 200 of the region’s best and brightest

2nd Place in a Debate Competition by Sanata Dharma University

KBS English Debate team consisting of Annisa M.Said (11B), Arga Radhiya Raka

Kesatuan Bangsa Student won the 1st place in LSM Competition

On 2nd of April 2019Billie Hartanto 10th grade student of KBS won the first place

Won silver Medal in the World Mathematic International

Abhiesta Sheva Alfaru, 8th grade student at SMP Kesatuan Bangsa won a silver medal

21 Students proceed to OSN SMA Province Level

21 students of Kesatuan Bangsa School which consists of 3 junior high school (SMP)

KBS Students Win 4 National Geography and Geoscience Olympics Medals

We are very proud to announce that KBS students have once again achieved some

KBS Day and Donation

To celebrate its 8th anniversary, Kesatuan Bangsa School organized several events under the title of Caltissimo 2019. The joyful

Good news from osebi!

This time there is good news from 11th grade Nachita Putri Musella. Nachita won a silver medal in

SMA Kesatuan Bangsa students took part in POPDA Bantul

SMA Kesatuan Bangsa students took part in POPDA Bantul which was held in Pendopo

Tahta got 3rd place in UNDIP’s Mathematics Competition

Tahta Aulia Kusuma Arifin, grade 11 student of SMA Kesatuan Bangsa, got 3rd place in

Three KBS Teams Achieved ISPO 2019 Medals in Jakarta

Alhamdulillah, KBS science project teams have performed their best effort during ISPO

SMA Kesatuan Bangsa got two gold medals in OLGENAS UGM

Sleman, 18 January 2019. Four of our best student in SMA Kesatuan Bangsa


Two KBS students, Hana Malvalia and Sheryn Wavirly Majid, are joining