The Immigration division, Ministry of law and human rights, Yogyakarta regional office, visited Kesatuan Bangsa School on Wednesday, September 22 to do a presentation on immigration regulation during the pandemic.

The socialization of the policy was delivered by the head of Immigration Division, Mr. Yayan Indriana, the chief section of Immigration information, Mr. Ian Fidihanto Markos, the chief section of Immigration permission, Mr. Saiful Bahtiar and team. The committee socialized about the regulation of the minister of law and human rights number 34 of 2021 on the granting of visa and immigration stay permits during the mitigation of the spread of coronavirus disease 2019. 

The presence of Immigration division was welcomed by the school manager, Mr. Kursad Duvarci, the Senior High School principal, Mr. Nur Wijayanto, the Junior High School principal, Mr. Ahmad Fauzi, and the school advisor, Mr. Azat Garrybayev.

Thank you for the visit. Stay healthy and may God protect us.

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