Kesatuan Bangsa School was invited to the Office for Education, Youth and Sport of Yogyakarta Provincial Government (Dikpora DIY) on Thursday, September 14th, 2023.
Dr. Didik Wardaya, S.E., M.Pd., the Office Head, extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Kesatuan Bangsa School and expressed his eagerness to provide support for the school’s educational initiatives. During his address, Dr. Wardaya emphasized the potential benefits of this visit in empowering the youth through the quality education and sports.
The Kesatuan Bangsa School delegation, led by SMA Principal Nur Wijayanto, provided insights into various school activities. These included the Academy of Future Teachers (AFT), Academy of Young Leaders (AYL), Live-in Program, and the charitable initiative known as KBS Bersatu. Additionally, he showcased the outstanding achievements of the students in recent events such as OSN 2023, KSM 2023, and Genius Olympiad-USA. Dr. Wardaya expressed a keen interest in the school’s social programs and offered his support for future initiatives.
This visit marks a positive and mutually beneficial first step in building a partnership between the Kesatuan Bangsa School and Yogyakarta’s Dikpora Office. Both parties are dedicated to fostering positive relations and collaborating to enhance the quality of education, youth development, and sports in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

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