Alumni Organization Purpose

The Kesatuan Bangsa Alumni Association (ASA) builds traditions and fosters long-term relationships with alumni and parents of alumni who support Kesatuan Bangsa School. We serve various needs and interests of the alumni community and network such as information on educational opportunities, involvement in school events, opportunities to build local and regional networks, and others.

The Kesatuan Bangsa Alumni Association strives to foster a community of alumni of the Kesatuan Bangsa School who are passionate about supporting fellow alumni and school institutions. Our goal is to be an important partner in the success of Sekolah Kesatuan Bangsa through alumni involvement. In addition, we hope that this association can also be a forum for building ties of friendship and brotherhood.

Alumni Organization Structure

Advisory Board                                    :  Nurrohman
                                                                  Lintang Triebhuana
                                                                  Ahmi Yofaniar

Chairman                                              : M. Brandika Evanda (2014)

Vice Chairman                                      : Mitha Safira Nurmaulid (2015)

Secretary                                                : Nisrina Dhiya Rosyada (2014)
                                                                   Gusti Putu S. Govinda A. (2019)

Treasurer                                              : Salma Mahdiy (2016)
                                                                  Azalea Rahma Septianti (2018)

Public Relation & Social Media         : Muhammad Akbar Magistra P (2020)
                                                                 Dewa Bagaskara (2014)
                                                                 Fahrizal Mirza (2016)
                                                                 Mujahid Alhaq (2016)
                                                                 Daeng Catur (2017)
                                                                 Omahira Al Kahfi Satrio (2020)
                                                                 Aufa Khairunnisa Budiadhi (2019)
                                                                 Anggit Aulifia (2018)
                                                                 Nurul Ainun Nuha (2018)
                                                                 Novanda Salwa Nihando (2020)
                                                                 Joanna Regitaputri Y. (2019)

Career & Self Development             : Alvin Rahmat (2017)
                                                                Muhammad Alfiyandy H. (2017)
                                                                Vagas Tya (2019)
                                                                Tahta Aulia Kusuma (2020)
                                                                Novita Sari (2018)
                                                                Rizka Widyasti (2017)
                                                                Vloressito (2018)

Social Economy                                   : Muhammad Zidni Putra (2018)
                                                                 Muhammad Hauzan Nabhan (2019)
                                                                 Fairuz Salsabila F. (2018)
                                                                 Vinia Syafitri (2018)

Men's Alumni Activities

National Webinar
National Webinar is a webinar activity organized by alumni initiatives in collaboration with Eduversal partner schools. This activity aims to add insight and brotherhood and share experiences between alumni of Eduversal partner schools.

Local Webinar
Webinar activities organized by alumni of the Kesatuan Bangsa School. This event also aims to add insight and share experiences among alumni of the Kesatuan Bangsa School.

Alumni Sport
Alumni sport is a joint sports activity carried out by alumni, including futsal, basketball, table tennis and others.

Alumni Barbeque
This activity is a barbeque event with alumni as an event to increase alumni togetherness and also as a means for alumni to refresh.

Alumni Gathering
This event is an activity of gathering and meeting the alumni of one generation.

Activities Meeting ASA KBS
Activities Meeting of the board of the Kesatuan Bangsa School Alumni Association to discuss activities carried out by alumni.

Sharing Alumni
Alumni Sharing is an activity to share knowledge and experiences from alumni to Kesatuan Bangsa’s students.

The Higher Education Exhibition or edufair is an activity to share information about higher education with students of the Kesatuan Bangsa School.

Alumni Visit to School
Alumni visit to school is an activity of visits from alumni to schools to stay in touch and reminisce with KBS teachers and staff.

Iftar Ramadan
Iftar is an activity of breaking the fast with alumni which is held in the month of Ramadan.

Alumni giving qurban is an activity to give and distribute sacrificial animals.

Women's Alumni Activities

Entrepreneurship Sharing
Entrepreneurship sharing is an activity to share experiences by alumni who continue their careers as entrepreneurs. This activity aims to give alumni the opportunity to share knowledge and motivation about entrepreneurship.

Tahsin class
The tahsin class activities aim to provide opportunities for alumni to be able to learn together about how to read the Koran correctly. This activity is carried out every weekend

Sharing from alumni for Science Olympiad students
Alumni sharing for Olympiad students is an agenda that involves the collaboration between the alumni coordinator and the Olympic coordinator. This activity is carried out every 2 weeks. The goal is to provide opportunities for alumni to share benefits, share inspirational experiences and knowledge for their younger siblings.

Focus Group Discussion
This activity is a gathering session between alumni and the teacher or dormitory supervisor. In this activity, an interesting and relevant topic for alumni will be discussed.

Alumni Virtual Visit
This activity is carried out as an effort to connect and strengthen the relationship between schools and alumni through the alumni coordinator.

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