Celebrating the Islamic New Year KBS 2021

SMP SMA Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta celebrated the 1442 H. Islamic New Year with a variety of activities this year. The entire Kesatuan Bangsa School family were invited to join in the celebration, including management, staff, teachers, students and their parents, as well as alumni.

This was the second year in a row that the celebrations were held virtually due to Covid restrictions. Nevertheless, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the Kesatuan Bangsa School academia from celebrating this year.

Some of the many activities this year were a halal bi halal with a Kultum lead by Ustadz Abdul Aziz. B.A, readings of holy Al-qur’an verses by Kesatuan Bangsa School students, and finally fun games with some great prizes to conclude the celebration. Each year, we celebrate the Islamic New Year to give thanks and to welcome a better version of us, and to muhasabah ourselves for the year just passed. We hope that this celebration has helped strengthen our bonds and has brought everyone in the Kesatuan Bangsa family closer together.

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