Weekly Activity

Activities with Homeroom Teacher

  • Guidance Lesson
    Each week, one class hour is dedicated to serve as a forum for students and teachers to communicate about classroom situations. During this guidance hour, the homeroom teacher discussed with the class various topics, from character and noble values to general problems faced by students.
  • Student Group Discussion
    Student group discussion is a group discussion joined by students and teachers to discuss meaningful and relevant topics which aims to encourage positive characteristics to students, such as morality, social issues, spirituality, etc. Students are put into groups of 5-7 students from the same class. Every week, each group holds a discussion with their homeroom teacher for approximately 40 minutes. The topic to be discussed in each session is predetermined and relevant to character education.
  • Face to Face Meeting
    Student learning activities do not always have to be associated with the academic learning process because education also includes the emotional and spiritual realms. Teacher does not only act as facilitators in the delivery of subject matter, but also as a guide to help the students to reach their maturity. Teachers can pay more attention to all students through personal dialogue, heart-to-heart discussions, sharing stories, and experiences. In this case, the teacher who is also the homeroom teacher is expected to know the character and various potential forms of each student. In addition, schools also involve parents to jointly provide opportunities and space for children to be able to learn to explore and develop their talents. With the joint synergy between homeroom teachers and students, personal student mentoring activities will produce new findings regarding the hidden talents of students.
  • Social Activity
    Class Social Activity is a relaxed and fun guidance program that is under responsibility of the homeroom teacher. The purpose of this program is to form bonds between students and homeroom teachers. Activities carried out in class activities include: playing football, basketball, or other sports games, cooking together, watching movies, and so on.

Reading Program

Reading program is 15 mins reading every Tuesday-Friday at 7.15-7.30. This program is intended to emphasize the importance of reading to students.


  • Reading Camp
    The reading camp activity is part of a general reading program. This activity is carried out in certain places depending on internal class deliberations and under the coordination of each homeroom teacher.
  • Community Service
    Cleaning the tomb
    – Assist in organizing the funeral
    – Visits to orphanages and nursing homes
    – Cleaning places of worship
    – Live-in with the community


Reading Book Program

  1. English Book
    Every year all students are required to read a minimum of 10 English book titles. Apart from being an obligation, students also fill in a reading competition by using the MyOn English application.
  2. Indonesian Book
    All students are required to read a minimum of 6 books per year. The types of books provided in this library vary, ranging from character biographies to science.

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