Guide students to know his or her potential (as the first mental health definition from WHO) , help them to know their strengths (talents) and their limitations. Guide students on what major that fits their talents and passion. Giving adequate data/information needed related to major and university, so that the students may choose the department / university wisely.


  • Personality Test
    This is a test to find the type of learning style of the students and the personality types of the students as a part of self awareness.  Generally this test is conducted for 7 and 10 grade students at the beginning of the school year. This test will help students know the best way to learn during the school periode and in the future as well. This test also helps the teachers to choose the appropriate tasks or assignments for the students.
  • IQ Test
    The school provides IQ tests for grades 8 and 10. An IQ test is an assessment that measures various cognitive abilities in the form of scores. This assessment is intended to provide information on the ability and intellectual potential of individual students. The results of this IQ test will be used as one of resources to guide students. This test will be complemented by a Personality and Talent Mapping Assessment test and one-on-one counseling session.
  • Talents Mapping Assessment
    This is an assessment for students to find or reveal their strengths and weaknesses by seeing the talents themes, and TMA can be used as basic information to choose the department in university. This test is normally provided for 11 grade students and held in September or October, so that they will have information about their talents before choosing the department in university.
  • Edufair
    This program is generally held at the school with several universities including public universities, private universities and overseas universities. The purpose of this activity is to provide students with the information related to the requirements to apply to the desired department/university, living cost, curriculum, and students also can consult to the representative person from the university about any information related to the studying in university.
  • College counselling
    This is the activity when a college counselor meets with the student normally offline but during this pandemic we meet with the students online to discuss their planning and preparation to continue their study in the university. The student will be informed about the schedule to meet with a college counselor by their homeroom teacher. 
  • Seminars
    Seminars generally also held at the school in the school’s audio visual room (AVR). The seminars are delivered by the experts/professionals in different majors/professions, such as  businessmen, engineers, lawyers, on air announcer, teachers, etc, and also by alumni or the university representatives.