Dormitory of Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta is a very important part in supporting the school’s vision and mission. This is evidenced by the existence of various activities that are expected to help Kesatuan Bangsa students manage their time more productively. The dormitory activities start at 04.30; Muslim students fulfill their obligation to pray at dawn in congregation and continue memorizing the Koran (special program for Muslim residents of female dormitories), after memorizing students are allowed to prepare themselves for school. Before starting the learning activities in class, at 6:15 a.m. students are encouraged to eat breakfast that has been prepared in the dining hall.

Students go to school starting from 07.00 to 14.30 WIB. After school activities, students of national unity are given free time until dinner time. This free time can be  used to explore their hobbies, explore their talents, and relax with one another.

When the dinner hour is over, students take part in tahsin activities based on their ability level and then pray together, while non-Muslim students perform worship activities according to their beliefs.

At 19.30-21.00 students of the Kesatuan Bangsa dormitory carry out etud (independent study) activities in class. Students are allowed to study with their own model and comfort level. This activity lasts one and a half hours accompanied by the class supervisor. Class supervisors and students are responsible for maintaining the atmosphere of learning activities to remain conducive. Students can submit complaints, questions to the supervisor, both related to material and other matters though. This activity aims to increase the enthusiasm of students in learning both individually and in groups. Through these joint and routine learning activities, students can exchange information and insights related to the material that has been delivered by the teacher.

Apart from daily routine activities, the hostel also has several special programs, such as:

  1. Dorm Night
    Dormitory Night is a performance activity attended by SMP SMA Kesatuan Bangsa students, either individually or in groups. This activity is held to appreciate the talents and creativity of students outside of school learning activities, and is carried out 2 times in one academic year at each level. This activity was held in the AVR (Audio Visual Room) room, and was attended and enlivened by students through various kinds of performances such as stand-up comedy, music performances, poetry reading, quizzes, and so on. With this activity, it is hoped that the SMP and SMA Kesatuan Bangsa students can become excellent individuals in the fields of education and art, have self-confidence and respect for others
  2. Dorm Futsal League (specifically for male dormitory residents)
    Dorm Futsal League is a futsal sport competition held by students in a league competition format. The participants in this event were junior and senior high school students who were part of a combined team of junior high and high school students. This match was held on the futsal field of SMP SMA Kesatuan Bangsa after school. Activities carried out in order to commemorate national holidays such as National Sports Day, Republic of Indonesia Independence Day, etc. The purpose of holding this activity is to develop students’ talents in the field of sports, build a spirit of sportsmanship, foster togetherness and kinship among students, and motivate students to see sports as important to keep the body healthy, fresh and fit.
  3. Room’s Cleanliness Competition
    The second boarding program is a clean and room decoration competition. This program aims to maintain cleanliness and comfort so that students can rest in peace so that immunity and mood will be maintained properly. The system is assessed every day based on the agreed aspects, and the results will be accumulated once a month to determine the winner regarding the cleanest room etc.
  4. Tea Drink Program (Cay Saati) for girls only
    By residing in dormitory, surely students need a place to exchange ideas or pour out their hearts so that they can ease the academic burden they face. To accommodate this, the national unit hostel held a tea program (cay saati) which was scheduled for once a week. Cay saati is also one of the moments that every class always looks forward to, because of the togetherness atmosphere that warms the soul.
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