Kesatuan Bangsa School Sacrificed 25 Cows

Kesatuan Bangsa School has a routine annual program to distribute meat on the Sacrifice Day, and this year from 25 cows slaughtered, 2016 portions of beef were packed and distributed.  The annual meat distribution event was possible through the participation of and donations from parents of students, students, teachers and staff of Kesatuan Bangsa School and other donors.

The slaughter, and distribution event was held on Monday 12/8/2019 with participation by students, teachers, staff and members of our local community. Aside from directly distributing meat to families in our local community,  sacrificial meat was also distributed to the community wih the help of several local leaders and educational institutions in collaboration with Kesatuan Bangsa School.

The significance and essence of sacrifices made during the Idul Adha Celebration to motivate an increase in social responsibility and care for our peers, to promote a sharing culture between us all in our daily activities, including the school, office, home and community environments, and of course between our students and the community.