The first annual STEAM Expo was hosted by the students and faculty of Kesatuan Bangsa Bilingual Boarding School, Yogyakarta, on October 25, 2019. The interactive event’s theme was “Empowering Youth with Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) Towards Gold Generation”, show the school is committed to support meaningful, constructive and critical-thinking based learnings that prepare the youth to be the leaders of a better worlds’ future.

The event aimed to stimulate curiousity and discussion in the community about the importance of an integrated curriculum that includes sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Attendees were encouraged to participate and investigate in scientific hands-on experiments, live demonstrations, and several engaging poster presentations. The students were introduced to develop, innovate and apply their knowledge by engaged activities outside their classrooms. Dozens of science projects presented by the students who created them; explaining their hypothesis, their data and how they came to a conclusion.

This event also gave good opportunities for students to explore their creativity and teamwork through individual and group competitions, such as essay writing, fun art drawing and applied science competition (popsicle stick bridges, paper plane, mathematics’ snakes and ladders, and fishing ice cubes). The awards, fun and excitement of the STEAM Expo 2019 was a massive success!

A special thanks to our wonderful sponsors : Arlisa Clinic, Giotto, Lyra Germany and the students’ parent.