Kesatuan Bangsa United Sharing – Donating to Orphans

Kesatuan Bangsa High School routinely donates 500 packets to orphans. The packets came from funds donated by students, parents, teachers, Kesatuan Bangsa staff and other participating donors. The distribution event was held on Friday, 8 November 2019 at the HM Soeharto Museum. 20 schools and orphanages joined including Ummul Mutaalimin, Alghifari, Imam Syafii 2, Tahfid Insan Nurani, Bina Insani Minggir, Bina Siwi, Mitra Amanah, Marsudi putra Il, Albarokah Magelang, SMP N 1 Sedayu, SMA N 1 Sedayu, SD N Panggang, SD N 1 Sedayu, SD N Pedes, SD N 2 Sedayu, TK-SD IT Anak Sholeh, MI  Al Huda, Sawitan-Magelang, Jagan-Magelang, in addition to members of the surrounding community.

This event was an opportunity to instil a spirit of social responsibility, to share with peers in our day to day lives,  not only in the school environment but also in our offices, families, neighbours and between our students and the community.