Kesatuan Bangsa School Dance Team wins Grand Prix in Russia

Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta Dance Team  màde up of 25 Junior and Senior Secondary School students achieved the ultimate success coming àway with numerous awards at tge XII International Folklore Festival Interfolk in St. Petersburg, Russia from14-17 November 2019.

“Interfolk in Russia” is an annual festival in St. Petersburg aimed at developing mutual understanding of cultures, strengthening solidarity, mutual cultural enrichment, and promoting international cultural exchange and cooperation.

The festival attracted 13 participating countries, including USA, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Latvia, France, Portugal, Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tver, Beryozovsky, Obinsk, Naberezhyne Chelny, Yakutsk, añd Irkutsk.), Sri Lanka, and Turkey.

Prior to joining the festival in St. Petersburg, the Kesatuan Bangsa School Dance Team visited the Indonesian Embassy in Moskow and met the Ambassador and staff. Tje Ambassador for the Feration of Russia and the Republic of Belarus, M. Wahid Supriyadi, extended his highest appreciation for the team’s  success. According to the Ambassasor, Mr Wahid, the team’s performance has played a role in Indonesia’s cultural diplomacy in Russia.

The enthusiasm of the students saw them perform their very best from the preliminary rounds through to the grand final. Not only did the official judges judge their performances, the audience also took part in the judging.

The team were awarded:

  1. Grand Prix
  2. First Laurette Category Folk Dance
  3. Special Prize of The Jury — For the highest level of performance skills 4. Special Prize of The Jury — For the best musical accompaniment of the competition program.
  4. Special Prize of The Public.
  5. Star of Interfolk — 1st Prize

The ‘Star of Interfolk’ award was for the audience’s favourite performance and the voting was done by all St. Petersburg citizens watching the performance. The voting was done by each member of the audience beeing given a slip of paper with team names on it, and they then chose their favourite team. The voting slip results were calculàted and given to the judges with the result being that Indonesia had received the most votes.

Thank you to everyone who gave their support, and of course to our amazing Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta Dance Team for their enthusiasm and effort in the competition resulting in such great success, and making Indonesia proud.  Congratulations Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta Dance Team, we hope your success will inspire other students to give their all, just the way you did.