Kesatuan Bangsa donates to Orphanages in collaboration with PEMDA Bantul

Kesatuan Bangsa High School in cooperation with Bantul District Government held a social service event with the theme : BERSATU, an acronym for ‘Beri Santunan Yatim Piatu’ which translates as UNITED ‘Donating Aid to Orphans’. During the event, the school donated 500 packages, which were backpacks filled with stationery, toiletries, and some pocket money, to the orphans and underprivileged children. The packages were made possible with donations from students’ parents, teachers, staff members, and students of Kesatuan Bangsa School, and other participating donors. Earlier on in November, Kesatuan Bangsa School had also donated aid packages to 19 orphanages and several schools at an event held at Soeharto Museum, Sedayu, Bantul.

This social service event was held on Saturday, 30/11/2019 from 09:00 until 11:00 WIB, a the home of the Regent of Bantul, Drs. H. Suharsono, Jl Parangtritis KM 6.5 Sewon, Bantul, Jurug, Bangunharjo, Kec. Sewon, Yogyakarta. The distribution of packages was carried out by students, teachers, and staff of Kesatuan Bangsa School. Guests who participated in the event included the Regent, Drs. H. Suharsono, and PEMBDA Bantul staff members, representatives from Kesatuan Bangsa Mandiri Board, representatives from Eduversal Board Tangerang Selatan,  in addition to the Kesatuan Bangsa School Family, including Kesatuan Bangsa Mothers’ Club. Not to forget the main participants – orphans and other underprivileged children from 16 sub-districts in the Bantul District – who received the donated packages.

This aid activity was the perfect opportunity to foster social concern, and a spirit for sharing with others in our daily life, at school, in the office, with our families, in the community, and even between students and the community.