Distribution of Lesson Hours


In order to bring out the innovative, creative, and curious individual in a student, a school’s curriculum should be tailored to the needs of the individual. Through the education at Kesatuan Bangsa, our main focus is to allow our students to pursue their own paths of self-improvement, academia, socializing, physical fitness, and information acquisition, but also be each step of the way as mentors and guides to ensure each student remains on the correct path.

No Subject Language of Instruction 7 – 8 – 9 10 11 – 12
1 Religious Education Bahasa Indonesia v v v
2 Civic Education Bahasa Indonesia v v v
3 Indonesian Language Bahasa Indonesia v v v
4 English English v v v
5 Mathematics English v v v
6 Natural Sciences v
a. Physics English v v
b. Biology English v v
c. Chemistry English v v
7 History Bahasa Indonesia v v
 8 Social Studies v
a. Geography Bahasa Indonesia v
b. Economics Bahasa Indonesia v
c. Sociology Bahasa Indonesia v
 9 Arts Bahasa Indonesia v v v
 10 Physical Education Bahasa Indonesia v v v
 11 Computer Bahasa Indonesia v v v
 12 Elective Foreign Language ( Mixed ) v v v
 13 Local Content
a. Javanese Javanese v v v