ing ngarsa sung tulada, ing madya mangun karsa, tut wuri handayani, It can be interpreted that the teacher in front provides an example or as a role model, in the middle builds a will or intention, and in the back gives encouragement or enthusiasm.

The motto was coined by Ki Hajar Dewantara born on May 2, 1889, is an activist for the Indonesian independence movement, columnist, politician, and pioneer of education for indigenous Indonesians from the Dutch colonial era. He is also known as the Father of Indonesian Education and became the first Minister of Education since Indonesia’s independence. So that May 2 is designated as National Education Day.

Starting from 22 April 2022, the Kesatuan Bangsa Schooll provides a 5% discount and an additional 15% discount* for new students for the 2022/2023 Academic Year in order to welcome National Education Day on May 2 and welcomes Kebangkitan Nasional Day on May 20.

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