Yogyakarta, Monday, September 4th, 2023 – In an attempt to promote awareness of the importance of unity in addressing natural disasters, Kesatan Bangsa School conducted an earthquake and fire emergency mitigation, in partnership with the Center for Disaster Studies, Universitas Gadjah Mada.

The participants were equipped with various techniques and strategies essential for responding to earthquake emergencies. This encompassed proper evacuation procedures, the utilization of first aid equipment, and the management of minor injuries. Furthermore, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of fire hazards, preventive measures, and the appropriate actions to take in case of a fire outbreak.

Nur Wijayanto, principal of Kesatuan Bangsa High School, expressed his appreciation, stating, “We highly value our collaboration with UGM’s Center for Natural Disaster Studies. This training equips Kesatuan Bangsa members with valuable insights into how we can collectively contribute to safeguarding our communities during disaster situations.”

The training session signifies the initial stride towards a joint endeavour to cultivate a society that is well-prepared and resilient in the face of natural disasters in Indonesia. Both Kesatuan Bangsa and UGM’s Center for Disaster Studies anticipate that such collaborative efforts will continue, ultimately benefiting all parties involved. (dnn)

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