KBS student took a part in The International Earth Science Olympiad 2021

Quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture website, 8 Indonesian students made the nation proud again in the 15th International Earth Science (IESO) 2021. In the event heldonline from 25 until 30 September 2021, the Indonesian team managed to get three silver and four bronze medals.

In this year IESO 3 silver medals with very good predicate were from by Seab Matthew, from SMAK 2 Surabaya; Iqbal Raka Perdana, from SMA IT Nurhidayah Sukoharjo; and Glady Sadjidah Zahra, from SMA Kesatuan Bangsa. While four bronze medals with good predicate were from Eillen Theodora, from SMAK Petra 2 Surabaya, Andrereza Medya Endrikaputra, from MAN Insan Cendekia Lampung Timur; Hilman Agung Saputra, from MAN 2 Kota Malang; and Tania Cresentia, from SMAK Immanual pontianak. 

Glady Sadjidah Zahra, the Indonesian representative from SMA Kesatuan Bangsa, Yogyakarta, said that it was an amazing experience that she got a silver medal for the country. Deera Army Pramana, who is responsible for the SMA Kesatuan Bangsa Olympiad team, stated that she was very proud since Glady got her medal though it was her first time joining IESO Team but she got the medal. “May this set a good example for her juniors” Deera added

Born in Temanggung 2002, Glady went to SMP Kesatuan Bangsa and continued her SMA there too. Accepted in Dentistry of Gadjah Mada University through SNMPTN adds Glady’s achievements.

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