Yogyakarta, 3 February 2024 – The preliminary round of the 2024 Kesatuan Bangsa Scholarship Examination Entrance (KBSee) scholarship program was successfully conducted online. Hundreds of participants from various regions in Indonesia have taken the online exam to compete for finalist tickets. The moment that the KBSee finalists had been eagerly anticipating finally arrived on Saturday (17/02), when the KBSee final was held on site at the Kesatuan Bangsa School. Participants from various regions, including D.I. Yogyakarta, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Jawa Barat, Banten, Kalimantan Timur, and Nusa Tenggara Barat attended this final round to vie for educational scholarships as the main prize.

While awaiting the final implementation, the finalists’ guardians were invited to deepen their understanding of the programs and achievements of the Kesatuan Bangsa School. It is hoped that after the talk show, which covers the education system, dormitories, career planning, Olympics, and guidance, the Kesatuan Bangsa School program can address the curiosity of parents and companions. The enthusiasm for welcoming this event was palpable in the spirited atmosphere. On another note, several participants expressed feelings of worry about the final selection due to the complexity of the questions they faced.

The announcement of the KBSee winners was made on Wednesday (21/02), which was directly conveyed to each participant. We congratulate all KBSee 2024 winners for their dedication and hard work in participating in this scholarship competition. For participants who did not make it to the final stage and receive a scholarship, there is no need to be discouraged. This marks the beginning of a long journey to success. Keep striving and never give up. Hopefully, this event can serve as an inspiration for Indonesia’s young generation to continue excelling. (dnn)

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