On Wednesday, 15 January 2020, Kesatuan Bangsa High School held a special counselling seminar on the importance of counteracting radicalism.

The seminar speaker was First Inspector Sudiasih who is the Head of the Public Order/Community Liaison Unit, Bantul District Police Station, along with officers from

Sedayu Sub-District Police Station, Head of Community Liaison First Inspector Iptu Dedi Turnandi and Community Liaison First Inspector Gunawan Wibisono. Participants attending the seminar included students and teachers, in addition to the principal of Kesatuan Bangsa Junior High, Mr Ahmad Fauzi, and the principal of Kesatuan Bangsa Senior High School, Mr Ahmad Nurani.

During the seminar, First Inspector Sudiasih explained the importance of open-mindedness, and the protection of students and teachers against infiltration from radicalisation recruitment groups. He also asked that students gain more in-depth knowledge of religion from reliable sources, such as credible religious teachers and leaders, rather than from social media.

Kesatuan Bangsa High School hopes by explaining the methods and dangers of radicalisation during this seminar, students will be able to understand, identify and avoid radicalisation.