On Monday, October 9th, Kesatuan Bangsa hosted a limited workshop at the Jenderal Besar H. M. Soeharto Memorial, presenting the FORKOMPINKAP (Forum Komunikasi Pimpinan Kapanewon) Sedayu. The primary objective of this workshop was to foster collaboration, synergy, and cooperation, particularly in three pivotal areas: education, health, and security.
During this gathering, it was emphasised that Kesatuan Bangsa School views this as a crucial joint initiative to bring progress to the Kapanewon Sedayu region. In the realm of education, this collaboration aims to enhance both the accessibility and quality of education within the area. Simultaneously, cooperation in the health sector is expected to contribute to improved healthcare services and bolster disease prevention efforts. Security is also a major focal point, with efforts concentrated on maintaining societal stability and wellbeing.
This spirit of cooperation carries the hope that the Kapanewon Sedayu region will be better equipped to surmount existing challenges and embark on sustainable development. This workshop represents an affirmative first step towards transformation and an enhanced quality of life for the Kapanewon Sedayu community. (dnn)

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