The Kesatuan Bangsa School Career Week and Edufair 2024, held from January 27 to February 2, 2024, captured the attention of students during their career week. The event featured a diverse range of activities, such as career management, career education, self-development, SNBT tryouts, IELTS workshops, seminars, and alumni sharing experiences.
The highlight of the event on February 2 was the Edufair, where various universities from both domestic and international settings were present, offering valuable insights into educational and career pathways. This event brought vibrancy to the atmosphere by providing the latest information on study programs, scholarships, and job opportunities. Students had the opportunity to engage directly with university representatives to obtain answers to their queries.
Career Week and Edufair 2024 at Kesatuan Bangsa School provided students with valuable opportunities to plan their future careers better. By involving various stakeholders, this event created a dynamic environment, offering inspiration and crucial information for the benefit of future generations. (dnn)

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