Kesatuan Bangsa School: Loving Language with Semarak Bulan Bahasa

Bulan Bahasa in October is used as a commemoration of the momentum of the Youth Pledge which pledged the language of unity, Indonesian. Kesatuan Bangsa School (KBS) did not miss to commemorate Bulan Bahasa in 2021. Bulan Bahasa was enlivened as a series of events, namely the Semarak Bulan Bahasa KBS 2021. The event, which was held in the KBS language week from October 24-29, 2021, carried the theme “Gemilap Berbahasa, KBS Berkarya”.  The theme was chosen because the meaning of Indonesian language would continue to shine brightly along with the works that will color the 2021 language month (bulan bahasa) at Kesatuan Bangsa School.

 There were several events that also enliven the language month at KBS.  The events ranged from competitions to national webinars.  The competitions held were short story writing competitions, poetry performance videos, and poster making for Kesatuan Bangsa Junior High School students.  The students were also enthusiastic about submitting their works in the competitions. In addition to the competitions, two national webinars was also held on October 29 and 30, 2021. The first webinar was titled “Growing the Spirit of Literacy Through Reviews” (in: Menumbuhkan Semangat Literasi Melalui Resensi) with a speaker from an Indonesian literature practitioner (reviewer), Yeti Islamawati, S.S.  Then, the second webinar was given by the Head of the Linguistics Masters Study Program, Gadjah Mada University, Dr.  Suhandano, M.A.  with the topic “The Role of Language in Character Building Students” (in: Peran Bahasa dalam Pembentukan Karakter Siswa). The two webinars were attended by hundreds of participants with different backgrounds, ranging from students, teachers, language and literature practitioners, to the general public.

 Semarak Bulan Bahasa KBS was closed with the announcement of the winners of the competitions on Thursday, November 4, 2021. The winners of the short story writing competition at the junior high school level were Nabila Alina Khairunnisa (7A), Talitha Hasna Fadantya (7A), and Leonardus Lintang Panji Utama (7B).  Next, the high school short story writing competition was won by Kanayya Shafa Amelia (11A), Aditya Rio Wibowo (12D), and Isyaya Zahir (10A).  Then, Azra Nisrin Khalishah (8A) won the poetry reading video for junior high school level, while Bima Arya (10C) and Made Pranadevi Saraswati (11B) won for high school.  Finally, the junior high school poster-making competition was won by Yasmin Khairiya Nurrahmah (9A) and Muhammad Azka Fadhillah (8B).  Meanwhile, the winners of the poster making competition were won by Ananta Feiza Nery Widowati (12B), Anindya Zahra Nugrahaningrum (11A), and Vivi Fagrisya (10B).

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