Kesatuan Bangsa School Students Achieved 11 medals in the National Science Competition (KSN).

“Young and successful” is the expression that best describes Kesatuan Bangsa School as it won 11 medals in the 2021 National Science Competition (KSN). The Olympiad team’s (– called Olympus) achievements significantly increased from 7 medals in 2020 to 11 medals in 2021. This achievement was announced online by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) in the Closing and Awarding event of the 2021 KSN which was held on Sunday Last Friday (12/11)

M. Awaludin Noor, the coordinator of the SMP Olympus team explained that these 11 medals included two gold medals from Sciences subject at the junior high school level, while five silver medals from Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Chemistry. Then, the other four bronze medals are from Mathematics, Biology and Informatics. This achievement has made Kesatuan Bangsa School as the most winning school in the 2021 KSN and for sure, it has made parents, school, and the province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta proud.

The hard work of the students in this KSN has paid off. “Out of 15 finalists, the KBS team brought 11 medals home. This is a very proud achievement,” added Deera Army Pramana, as the coordinator of the Olympus SMA team. The Olympic program is one of the ultimate programs at Kesatuan Bangsa School to train students’ critical thinking. “Olympic students are expected to become role models for other students. This is in accordance with the vision of the Kesatuan Bangsa School to become a school that is able to nurture students who have academic excellence, noble character and concern for the environment, “added Ahmad Fauzi, Head of SMP Kesatuan Bangsa.

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