Wednesday, February 9, 2022. Kesatuan Bangsa School visited the Department of Education, Youth, and Sports of Bantul (Dikpora). The head of Dikpora Bantul, Mr. Drs. Isdarmoko, M.Pd., M.M.Par., was accompanied by the secretaries, Ms. Dr. Titik Sunarwati, W., M.Pd., and Ms. Retno Yuliastuti, M.Pd., M.M.

 The Kesatuan Bangsa School’s representative consists of the head of academic SMP Kesatuan Bangsa – Mr. Eko Andi Hartono, S.Pd., the head of SMP Kesatuan Bangsa – Mr. Ahmad Fauzi, S.Pd., M.M, the head of SMA Kesatuan Bangsa – Mr. Nur Wijayanto, S.T., and also the head of Kesatuan Bangsa Mandiri Foundation – Mr. Irsyad Affandi., M.A.

Some students also joined the visit. They are Novin Raushan (Grade 8, the gold medalist of Science in  KSN*), Reyhan Fitrian Arifin (Grade 9, the gold medalist of Science in KSN*), and Bagas Anggareksa Irsyad Dhanisywara (Grade 9, the bronze medalist of Mathematics in KSN*).

 SMP-SMA Kesatuan Bangsa and Dikpora Bantul then came to an agreement to collaborate and cooperate to always be active in developing and increasing the quality of education. In the future, this cooperation between the school and Dikpora Bantul is expected to achieve the target and help the development of the quality and quantity of human resources in education. (*) National Science Competition.

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