Kesatuan Bangsa’s Science Project team brought another achievement!

Kesatuan Bangsa’s Science Project team brought another achievement! The team consisting of Mayada Arindi Parameswari (12A), Raiessa Sharfa Rosse (12A), Naurah Nafisah Sasikirana Mayabubun (11A) won a Gold medal at the International competition WICO (World Invention Creativity Olympic) which was held on 4-6 August 2022, located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. 

After 2 years of being held online due to the pandemic, in this year WICO was held offline. Each country and participants allocated to the individual exhibition booth that have interactive and active communication with audiences and judges. The 11th World Invention Creativity Olympic (WICO) aims to encourage creative ideas, provide new insights, accelerate student creativity, improve presentation skills and build global networks. This event was also attended by students from many countries in the World.

The project contested in the WICO 2022 event entitled Wipelle (Wipes From Apple Peel), this project aims to reduce the use of tissue made from trees to use apple peel waste that is more environmentally friendly and easy to make. With this innovation, hopefully more people will be aware and care about the environment. 

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