Kesatuan Bangsa School strives for not only academic excellence but also character development in its educational programs. After being on-hold for the last 2 years due to COVID-19 pandemic, Live-in program was brought back to mark the end of the 1st semester of the 2022-2023 academic year. Live-in is a personal development program for grade X and XI students of Kesatuan Bangsa High School which aims to give the students experiences of socializing and contributing to the the local community. In this program, KBS students learn how to live more independently and get involved with their host family and neighborhood’s activities, so that they can feel the joy and struggle that the people encounter daily. The students are expected that, through this experience, they are able to explore and find meaningful and important values of life that they can not otherwise find in their classrooms.

This program was carried out in 4 days, on 8-11 December 2022. On the first day, the students settled their preparations including doing some physical exercises to get ready for the activities in the next 3 days. On the next day, after being briefed at the school, the students and the supervising teachers were sent to 4 different Live-in locations: Juwono Villange, Sempon Village, and Balong Village of Dukun District and Berokan Village of Srumbung District in Magelang Regency, Central Java.
This year’s Live-in locations were selected after a careful consideration by the program committee. The villages were chosen based on its geographical area, the community background, and supportive environement for students optimal, experiential education. Moreover, with the ever-present, rapid advance of technology, it has become a necessity that students are introduced and involved in social activities with communities. Not only are the students expected to be inspired of important life values through their activities in this program, they are also directed to reflect on their own lives to become a better member of society: to care more of others, religious, and respect each other.

Being a part of the villages’ community for a few days have left a deep impression to our students. They have learnt how to become more active in social activities and showed better care and respect to their surroundings. These comprehensive social skills and insights are important to be instilled and honed to youths. We hope that, through this program, our students will become valuable members of society who are not only excellent and intelligent, but also have good characters, which is also in line with Kesatuan Bangsa School’s vision: to become a school that is able to deliver students who achieves academic excellence and noble characters who care about the environment.

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