Kesatuan Bangsa High School Student Council

Board of Advisors Lukmanul Hakim, S. Pd.
Anis Etikasari S. Pd.
Muhammad Siddik
President Rifkhi Eka Saputra (11D)
Shafa Anisa Ramadani Arianata (11B)
Vice President Excel Arrayyan (10D)
Anindya Zahra Nugrahningrum (10A)
Secretary Anak Agung Gde Surya Ananda Putra (11D)
Dhea Angelika Aginta (11B)
Hanny Putri Charazinda (11A)
Treasurer Sekar Hayumi Hardiyanti (11A)
Adelia Rizki Putri Ardana (11A)
Department of Education, Organization, 

and Leadership

Ahmad Abbas Gunawan (11C)
Emas Zufar Pamungkas (10D)
Ghefira Azzahra Putri Prameswari (11A)
Hanifah Amalia Adjani (11B)
Department of  Social and Environment Krisna Adhi Wicaksana (10D)
Jusuf Islam (10C)
Aisyah Ali (11A)
Zaffika Zufanka (10A)
Department of Entrepreneurship Akmal Choirul Ariansyah (11D)
Muhammad Maulidana Nurwahid (10D)
Syarifah Rizki Nabila (11B)
Kesha Nafakhna Delicia (11A)
Department of Documentation and Publication  M. Rofif Febrian Pais (11D)
Alaik Ubaidillah (10D)
Salma Sri Ardelia (10A)
Tewiq Thasyilla Azzura (10A)
Human Relations Anargha Revino Yudhafama (11C)
Fidel Pablo Immanuel Panjaitan (10C)
Danisworo Laksmi Nareswari (11A)
Ni Made Ayu Widia Maharani (10A)
Department of Religions M. Naufal Abhitah Cakrawangsa (11D)
Muhammad Faizul Muttaqin Wahyudi (10C)
Renny Puspa Tania (11A)
Tsalisa Camila (11A)
Department of Arts Excel Putra Ramadhan (11D)
Allaudya Zahwa Rahma Setyawan (10A)
Raiessa Sharfa Rosse (10A)
Department of Sports Swito Sakka Wahyudi (10C)
Nasywa Faridatuss Salima (11A)
Natasya Wahyu Tricahyaningrum (11 B)
Department of Nationalism and Patriotism Muhammad Dzakwan Habibi (10D)
Radita Dwi Rahmani Santoso (11A)
Ajeng Jihaan Fauziyyah (10B)
Department of Dormitory Muhammad Raja Agil Madubun (10D)

OSIS Activities

Annual Activities

Festival of Five Languages and One Heart
This annual festival allows students to showcase their talent in performing arts including singing, playing musical instruments, poetry reading, storytelling, drama, dancing, etc in five languages: Javanese, Indonesian, English, Turkish, and Arabic.

Commemoration of Youth Pledge Day and National Heroes Day
Students commemorate these two important days by joining competitions with the spirit of nationalism and patriotism organized by the Student Council, such as heroes cosplay, photography, poetry writing, trivia quiz, etc.

Commemoration of National Nutrition Day
To commemorate the National Nutrition Day, the Student Council organizes an inter-class cooking competition to create healthy dishes with a specific theme, such as traditional dishes or plant-based dishes. In this event, students have the opportunity to be creative with their cooking and enjoy delicious food.

Commemoration of National Waste Awareness Day
Waste management has become one of the most important issues in environmental sustainability. It is crucial to promote the awareness to the younger generation about its importance. Therefore, the Student Council annually held a series of activities such as seminars and project competitions to commemorate this day with the spirit of a better Earth and better future.

Sports week is a physical activity carried out to maintain health and strengthen endurance. Activities undertaken include basketball, futsal, volleyball, and table tennis which are held for about two weeks. This activity aims to:

  1. Maintain the health and endurance of students
  2. Foster a sense of sportsmanship among students
  3. As a fun activity for student in the afternoon

Last Night grade 9 and 12
This event is especially prepared and organized by students of grade 7, 8, 10, and 11 as a farewell party for their seniors of grade 9 and 12 of Kesatuan Bangsa School who will soon graduate. On this special night, students and teachers are giving performances, final remarks, and gifts to strengthen their bonds as friends and family.

Live-in with the community is part of community service activities that aim to bring students closer to the lives of some Indonesian people that are different from their daily lives. For 3 days students will follow the daily life of the village community while doing other social activities. After participating in this activity, it is hoped that awareness and a sense of social responsibility will grow in students.

KBS day
KBS Day is a school anniversary celebration. The activities include healthy walks, performing arts, and social services.

Distribution of Ramadan Packages
Social activities carried out in the month of Ramadan. The activities include the distribution of breaking packages and distribution of basic food packages. 

The Introduction to the School Environment
The introduction to the school environment is an activity that is commonly held in schools at the beginning of the school year to welcome new students. Its purpose:

  1. Recognizing the potential of new students
  2. Helping new students adapt to the school environment and its surroundings, including the aspects of security, public facilities, and school infrastructure
  3. Foster motivation, enthusiasm, and effective ways of learning as new students
  4. Developing positive interactions between students and other school members
  5. Fostering positive behaviors including honesty, independence, mutual respect, respect for diversity and unity, discipline, clean and healthy living to create students who have integrity values, work ethic, and a spirit of mutual cooperation.

Celebration of the Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia
It is a historic day for the Indonesian people, namely the day of freedom for the Indonesian nation from colonialists. The Indonesian Independence Day is usually commemorated on 17 August every year. Its purpose are:

  1. Fostering a sense of patriotism and nationalism in students
  2. Commemorating the heroes who have fallen on the battlefield
  3. Reviving the spirit of struggle in students
  4. As an activity that promotes nationalism and patriotism values.

Election of the New Student Council President (PEMILOS)
The Intra School Student Organization (abbreviated as OSIS) is an organization at the school level in Indonesia. OSIS is managed by students who are selected to become student council administrators. This organization is supervised by a mentor from a teacher who is selected by the school.

Student Council members are all students who are in the school where the Student Council is located. All student council members have the right to choose their candidate to become the student council committee.

The election of the Student Council Chair is the process of changing the student council president after his term of office ends.

Every organization always has goals to be achieved, as well as the OSIS there are several goals to be achieved, including:

  1. Increase the next generation who are faithful and pious
  2. Understand, respect the environment and moral values ​​in making the right decisions
  3. Build a strong personality foundation and respect for human rights in the context of the nation’s cultural progress
  4. Build, develop national insight and love the country in the era of globalization
  5. To deepen the attitude of sportsmanship, honesty, discipline, responsibility, and cooperation independently, thinking logically and democratically
  6. Increase knowledge and skills and appreciate artistic, cultural and intellectual works
  7. Improving physical and spiritual health and strengthening the life of the community, nation and state.

Weekly Activity

Fun Friday
Fun Friday is a student activity inside or outside of school which is held on Friday with the aim of fostering togetherness between students, providing new freshness after five days of studying at school.

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