On Friday, October 6th, Kesatuan Bangsa School celebrated the inauguration of the new management for the Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS) for the academic year 2023/2024. This marked the culmination of a rigorous selection process that involved various stages, starting from registration, administrative screenings, interviews, open campaigns, candidate debates, voting, and the final recruitment of administrators who would guide the OSIS in the coming year.

In this well-attended event, several enthusiastic students were officially sworn in to take on pivotal roles within the Kesatuan Bangsa School’s OSIS for the 2023/2024 academic year. Here’s a glimpse of the individuals entrusted with these important positions:

Students Council of the Junior High

President : Aiesha Vania Kirani Thahira (8A)
Vice President : Muhammad Raffi A. (7D)
Vice President : Alifa Aqilla Herfiza (7A)

Students Council of the Senior High

Boys Section’s
President : Achmad Bayu Mahesa (11C)
Vice President : Mada Prasetya (10C)

Girls Section’s
President : Alfi Soraya (11A)
Vice President : Nataya Alpen Permatasari (10B)

The entire school community is looking forward to seeing the new chairman and deputy chairmen bring a fresh and innovative leadership perspective to the OSIS. These young leaders are expected to work in close collaboration with all OSIS members, contributing to the creation of a more enriched and sustainable school environment. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the elected student council president and their vice. It is our sincere hope that their leadership will be marked by achievements and positive changes, enriching the Kesatuan Bangsa School even further.

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