Kesatuan Bangsa School remains committed to nurturing the English language abilities of its junior high school students. Their journey typically begins with a robust online matriculation program, starting two months before the new school year. This initiative ensures that students set off on a solid educational foundation. Subsequently, a placement test is administered to assess each student’s English skills, enabling personalized progression at their own pace.

However, the pursuit of English proficiency at Kesatuan Bangsa goes beyond the confines of conventional classrooms and textbooks. Students are actively encouraged to participate in collaborative projects, fostering language skills and practical application.

To further bolster their language skills and ignite their passion for learning, the English department hosts an array of distinctive programs. These include literacy activities, morning assembly speeches, and the celebrated English Week. Additionally, students are motivated to engage in prestigious events and competitions, among them the World Scholar’s Cup, Genius Olympiad, Owlypia, and English Debate. Some even have the exceptional opportunity to attend a Summer school in the United Kingdom.
The remarkable outcome of these efforts is the extraordinary achievements of Kesatuan Bangsa School students in various regional and international competitions. Kesatuan Bangsa School proudly demonstrates that their meticulously designed programs to enhance students’ English language proficiency yield remarkable outcomes.

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