It is every child’s right to get quality education inline with the current developments of the era. God has given each student a unique potential to be further developed based on their age and the era.   

Kesatuan Bangsa School actively contributes to improving the quality of Indonesian education, especially in Yogyakarta, by awarding annual educational scholarships. In 2021, KBS again invites all elementary students to join our Kesatuan Bangsa Scholarship entrance examination (KBSee) program, for the chance to be awarded scholarships, to a total value of over IDR 2 Billion.

To register for this program, please click this link.

About KBSee

KBSee is a scholarship selection programme held by Kesatuan Bangsa School, for grade 6 students. This test includes academic knowledge and logic questions. This year is the third KBSee program held for the Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces. Through this program, it is expected that prospective students that participate and are selected will be excellent students  who are well-mannered, and religious. Please come and join the KBSee selection programme. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be joining our KBS students for the 2022/23 academic year.

The Purpose

This program aims to:

  1.     improve the quality of Indonesian education.
  2.     provide equal opportunities for all students to obtain a qualified international-standardized education, regardless of ethnicity, faith or race.
  3.     contribute to society, especially in the area of education.

To download the official program guidelines, please click this link.

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