Another proud achievement was achieved by Kesatuan Bangsa School (KBS) students.Seven KBS students – Nagata Parama Aptana, Althaaf Syaikha Nuhaad, Ayesha Rida Izzati, Nara Tazkia Larasati, Durotul Salma, M. Hazel Variansyah, and Charisma Pramudya Rusdiyanto – succesfully passed the whole selection process to be the awardees of Onward Indonesia Scholarship (Beasiswa Indonesia Maju) by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The scholarship is granted to students of Year 12 in Indonesia who have previously made achievements in the competitions of science, research, technology, and innovation held by the ministry’s Pusat Prestasi Nasional.

The selection process of the Onward Indonesia Scholarship was conducted in several stages. The first stage was administration selection, participated by 1076 students from all over Indonesia. The 481 selected students of the overall students were declared candidates of the scholarship and required to obtain Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from their target world-class universities in order to proceed receiving their awards. Among these candidates, eight of them are students from Kesatuan Bangsa School.

The hardwork of students who uphold the motto  inspire-explore-achieve finally came to fruition. Seven of the school’s candidates were officially the awardees of Onward Indonesia Scholarship Batch 1 after getting admitted to top 100 global universities according to QS World University Ranking in Canada and the United States of America. Nagata Parama Aptana was granted the scholarship to study Computer Science in University of Toronto. Five students were admitted in the University of British Columbia: Althaaf Syaikha Nuhaad for Electrical Engineering program, Ayesha Rida Izzati for Bachelor of Applied Science, Nara Tazkia Larasati for Bachelor of Applied Science, Durotul Salma for Vantage One Bachelor of Applied Science  program, and Charisma Pramudya Rusdiyanto for Vantage One Bachelor of Applied Science  program. Meanwhile, M. Hazel Variansyah was granted the scholarship to study in University of Illinois Chicago for Computer Engineering program.

This remarkable success was the result of a good synergy between the students, the school, and parents. The students had been relentlessly giving their best efforts in their study, achievements, and spirituality, as well as the utmost supports from parents and schools until the university admission preparation. Ulfiana Prisdiansari, the school’s Career Planning coordinator explained that the Career Planning and teachers provided guidance and assistance throughout the university admission process, especially during the interview and essay writing. Such support had helped bringing these extraordinary students, who also won National Science Competition, to study in world-class universities.

This achievement has further added the multitude of achievements of Kesatuan Bangsa School on National Science Competition (KSN) with 11 medals, becoming one of the best school in the competition. The school was only established in 2011 in Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. However, despite the school’s young age, as many as 391 regional, 252 national, and 165 international achievements have been obtained. In the previous international event, 1 silver medal in The 15th Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) 2021 was won by Glady Sajidah Zahra with the other 8 Indonesian representatives. 

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