On Friday, October 6, the 10th graders of Kesatuan Bangsa School participated in a national seminar with the compelling theme, “The Motherland-loving Generation.” The primary objective of this event was to instil a heightened awareness regarding the perils of radicalism in society.

The seminar featured Major Sus Stephanus Anggoro Jati, S.H., M.H., an expert in law and security, who shared his invaluable knowledge concerning the significance of fostering a deep love for one’s homeland and how collective efforts can be harnessed to safeguard the nation from the looming threat of radicalism.

This event is a testament to Kesatuan Bangsa School’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the younger generation, equipping them with the consciousness of their responsibilities to the state and society. This seminar exemplifies our shared endeavour to combat radicalism and cultivate a profound love for our nation.

It is expected that the students will evolve into catalysts for positive change, imbuing society with a renewed sense of nationalism and tolerance. These young individuals are poised to contribute meaningfully to preserving national unity and harmony.

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