On Saturday, November 18th, Yogyakarta bore witness to the resounding success of the EMC Final at the Kesatuan Bangsa Test Center. Hundreds of students from elementary to high school flooded the venue in the early morning. The event encompassed a competition, a mathematics festival, a bazaar, and an Open House showcasing Kesatuan Bangsa’s flagship programs.
More than 7,000 participants enlivened this prestigious event. Several testimonials highlighted the challenges faced by participants in tackling the demanding problem sets. “The questions were quite challenging for the students,” mentioned one participant.
Beyond Yogyakarta, test centres under the umbrella of Kesatuan Bangsa were also established at SD Muhammadiyah Mujahidin Wonosari in Gunungkidul and at Al-Hikmah Boarding School in Batu, Malang, within the East Java 2 region. The presence of these test centres in various locations widened the opportunity for participants from diverse regions to participate in this prestigious event.
The 2023 EMC Final was a stage for participants to showcase their prowess in competing for this prestigious mathematics championship. (dnn)

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