Congratulations to Akhila Najwa Elda Putri (SMA) & Ganendra Natha (SMP) as the grand prize winners by completing the most books in the Active Reading Program semester 1 2021-2022

And congratulations to Faisya Bintang (SMA) and Nabila Alina Khairunissa (SMP) who got the most likes and comments on Instagram in the Active Reading Program semester 1 2021-2022

The Active Reading Program is a reading program for 7th and 10th graders at Kesatuan Bangsa school. This reading activity is different from conventional reading programs. The students have to read books online on a website called MyON. The web provides more than 6000 English books in various genres students can choose.

Every 2 weeks students reflect on the results of their reading by making a review that can be enjoyed visually. They were given the choice to make posters, cartoons, short videos or infographics about the contents of the books they have read in the last 2 weeks.

Please visit instagram @kbsenglishdept for more info about the Active Reading Program

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