The Indonesia Maju Scholarship

Congratulations for Eight finalists of Kesatuan Bangsa School (12 graders) KSN SMA who has applied for the Indonesia Maju Scholarship and managed to pass the test.

The students are:

    1. Althaaf Shaykha Nuhaad
    2. Mh. Alan Maulana Ishaq
    3. M. Hazel Variansyah
    4. Nagata Parama Aptana
    5. Charisma Pramudya R.
    6. Nara Tazkia L.
    7. Ayesha Rida I.
    8. Durrotul Salma

In the meantime, they are having a coaching stage to be accepted at the foreign University they are aiming for. Thank you for your prayers and support, parents.

Congratulations and good luck to our beloved students.

pibus leo.

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