SMP-SMA Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta officially kickstarted the School Orientation Period (MPLS)  with a morning assembly with new students wearing red polo shirts and lined up neatly on the School’s basketball court on Wednesday (12/07/2023).

The Head of Kesatuan Bangsa High School, Nur Wijayanto, warmly welcomed the new students for the 2023/2024 academic year. He also added that the school accepted 130 new junior and senior high school students. The MPLS activity lasts for 3 days, during which the students are introduced to various aspects of the school, including the learning activities, school facilities, as well as the teachers and staff.

In addition, the new students are introduced to the diverse programs offered at Kesatuan Bangsa School, such as the Cambridge curriculum, guidance systems, extracurricular activities, student council, school culture, and career planning.

The last day of MPLS activities was filled with community service programs, a “Clean Friday” initiative, and interaction with the local community through a food-sharing program. The day also includes fun games organized with the Student Council and concludes with an enlivened performance from the participants, distribution of gifts, and concluded with prayers.

MPLS at Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta provides an enriching experience for the new students, as it helps them assimilate into the school’s environment, fostering a sense of unity and preparing them for a successful academic journey in the coming year. (dnn)

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