The Asrama Cup 2024 at Kesatuan Bangsa School has officially commenced with the Opening Event – Esport Week 1 from January 14-18, 2024. With the spirited slogan “Semangat, Kompak, Sportif”, the boys’ dormitory of Kesatuan Bangsa School Yogyakarta held the opening celebration in the school’s Audio Visual Room.
The event kicked off with Mr. Fauzi, the Principal of the Middle School, scoring a goal symbolizing the start of the sports competition. The excitement peaked with a FIFA exhibition match, sports quizzes, and engaging ice-breaking activities.
This year’s Asrama Cup is organized by 11th-grade students, led by Pandu Winata (11C). Several sports will be contested, including volleyball, basketball, futsal, and e-sports. Dormitory students, participants, and spectators can anticipate thrilling matches and a strong spirit of sportsmanship in every competition. The Asrama Cup 2024 is expected to be a valuable moment for students to come together, compete, and strive for excellence in the spirit of unity and camaraderie. (dnn)

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